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Club Cars

As of today 02/27/2021 please take note of changes in our shipping prices $8.00 shipping cost for one car or $10.00 shipping for two or more. Shipping cost have increased for us.

As part of the Amherst 2021 Virtual Train Show Event we are offering a show special price on our club cars

Conrail X71 Boxcar $ 25.00 marked down from $30.00

Guilford / D&H PS-2 Covered Hoppers $20.00 each car marked down from $25.00 or Two for $38.00

Please contact Dave Owens for shipping information and ordering at

Our club cars have been a great success throughout the years. All our previous runs are sold out.

We have released our fourth run, modeled after a prototype version.

The proceeds from the sales of these cars have helped the club to make improvements to our layouts and facility.

Contact Info:

To place an order please contact Dave Owens at

The Conrail boxcar, TMRR-01, is $30.00. The Guilford/D&H hoppers, TMRR-02 and TMRR-03, are $25.00 each. Shipping in the U.S. is $6.00 for one car and $8.00 for two or three. Please contact Dave for a postage quote for larger orders or for international orders. Include an email address or phone number with your order. Checks payable in U.S. funds to the Torrington Area Model Railroaders can be mailed to:

David Owens

69 Brewster Road

West Hartford, CT 06117

If you want to save on shipping, the cars will also be available at the Big Railroad Hobby Show at the Eastern States Exposition Jan. 24-25, 2015 in West Springfield, Mass. They’ll be at the NE Prototype Modelers Meet table in the Mallary Building., near the Torrington Area Model Railroaders HO scale modular layout.

New Club Car Info:HO Master 50-foot Precision Design X71 Boxcar lettered for Conrail.

The first car, TMRR-01, is an HO Master 50-foot Precision Design X71 Boxcar lettered for Conrail. The car has one green door and its road number is 166178. The other door is brown, like the rest of the car. The best information we can come up with is that one of the brown doors on the car was damaged and a quick repair was made with what was available at the local shop, a green door.

We have a prototype photo of the car, but at this point cannot find a photo online. We’re working to get permission from the person who took the photo to use it.

The Conrail boxcar, TMRR-01, is $30.00

New Club Car Info: HO Trainman® PS-2 Covered Hopper

The second and third cars are Guilford/D&H Trainman PS-2 covered hoppers. The cars were used in sand service and traveled off of Guildford for loading. One has a Guilford G and the other a D&H shield. Our understanding is that when Guilford spun off the D&H, the D&H crews were only too anxious to paint out the G and apply the D&H logo. TMRR-02 has the D&H shield and TMRR-03 has the Guilford G. These cars are a follow to the Guilford B&M and MEC sand cars we sold several years ago. (If you are interested in a rerun of those cars with new road numbers, please let us know. We might be able to do that in the future.)

The Guilford/D&H hoppers, TMRR-02, and TMRR-03, are $25.00 each.

Prototype photos of this cars can he seen here:

Past Club Cars (SOLD OUT)

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